Famous Events in Spain

Published: 23rd September 2011
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San fermin
One of Spain's most popular events is the San Fermin. In the old days, Sain Fermin was dragged by the bulls along the streets of Pampola. This event starts on the noon of July 6 and ends on the 14th of July. It usually starts off with a rocket launch, more popularly known as Chupinazo. As the events progress, a parade of the city council members from the City Hall to the Saint Fermin chapel can be witnessed while the youth crowd the streets as they perform different art forms. Every day involves certain events which attracts tourists. At 8 in the morning, the event of bull running starts. 

The release of the bulls is usually indicated by the launch of a firecracker and goes on from the 7th of July up to the 14th of July. After the bull run, the bulls are killed in a bull fight in Pamplona. The audience and bull fighters also risk their lives in this dangerous event. Aside from the bull run, other sports can be seen here as well, such as stone lifting, hay bale lifting and wood cutting. San Fermin is truly one of the most awaited events all year, where Spanish and foreigners alike come together to witness the great bullfights.

Easter starts with Palm sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and ends with Easter Monday (Luna de Pascua). People carry their palm leaves and get it blessed by the priest while they are in the church. To mark the arrival of Jesus, Many churches also organize a parade. On easter sunday, numerous dummies are made and then later ripped apart into pieces then showered in the air. The godfather presents his godchild the cake, also known as La Mona on the Easter Sunday meal as this is a very special one. La Mona is either served with honey syrup or wine and comes in various forms. 

Tomato Festival
This huge tomato fight happens in Bunyol in the last wednesday of August, and is more commonly known here in Spain as Tomatina. Over 240,000 pounds of tomatoes are being thrown by people from different parts of Spain who gather here to participate in this event. However, not all tomatoes can be thrown here. A special kind of tomato is used and these are smashed before it gets thrown so as to avoid injuries. But it wouldn't hurt to wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves since this rowdy fight lasts up to an hour.

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