Beaches of Estepona

Published: 24th September 2011
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Arroyo de los caños

This is a natural white sand beach that is about 1 200 meters long. It can be easily accessed by foot or by bus and usually it is quite busy. It is very good for families with children.

Arroyo Vaquero

Arroyo Vaquero is 2.5 kilometers long nude beach. You can get there by bus. It offers the basic services, like spa, restaurants and, of course, rent of sun beds and umbrellas.

Bahia Dorada

The sand is a little rougher here than in most other nearest beaches. It can be accessed by bus or by car. There are places for parking and this beach offers good restaurants and shops.


It is located near the sports harbor, so if you are visiting this beach, you can combine it with some other activities as well. Though it is very easy to get there by foot, bus or car and it has a zone of parking, it isn’t very crowded.


This beach is great for swimming, because the water and the sea is very pleasant here. It is 2 kilometers long and it is very easy to find if you are going by foot from the town.

Costa Natura

This is also a nudist beach, settled between Arroyo Vaquero and Guadalobón. The place is perfect for water sports or jogging, because of the sand.

El Cristo

This is one of the most popular beaches in Estepona. It is perfect for sunbathing or doing various sports, because it is never windy here and it is close to the sports port.

La Galera

The beach is 2 kilometers long and it has various opportunities to do water sports. It is usually not crowded, because it is quite far from the centre. Here you will also see an unforgettable sight.

La Rada

La Rada is one of the most popular of these beaches. It is 2300 meters long and quite wide. It is very easy to get here and it offers some great services. There are footbridges and the sports port is only 2 kilometers from La Rada. It is a busy beach, but it is possibly the best beach for tourists and families. Everything is very easy to access and there is also a tourism office if needed.

Punta de Plata

Punta de Plata is 4 kilometers long beach with great landscape. It is a good place for swimming and it is easy to get there by foot.

El Saldillo

This beach is not very busy and it is the best place to go if you like sports. It is right next to the sports port Estepona.

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